The Pianist Antonio Acunto debuted  in January 2016 at Konzerthaus in Berlin with great success, to the presence of many personalities from the world of culture and politics, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the newspaper “Der Spiegel” dedicated a flattering article.

Born on the Island of Ischia (Italy), pianist Antonio Acunto studied music in Naples S.Pietro a Majella Conservatory, trained by representative of Conductor Vincenzo Vitale’s Music School.

Acunto’s studies continued in Bologna, where he graduated from Gian Battista Martini’s Music Conservatory. In Bologna the pianist debuted during the “Festival Bologna Sogna”, organized by the Association “Musica Insieme”, playing Rachmaninonov ‘ s Preludes Op. 23.

In summer 1990, Antonio Acunto attended the International Post Graduate Studies at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. There, he was selected for the famous Russian pianist Tatiana Nicolajeva’s Master Class to perfect, through many years, his solo, piano and orchestra repertoire. Antonio Acunto was then selected for Profs. Alfons Kontarsky and Sergej Dorensky’s Master Classes.

In 1992 Acunto attended the Master Course of Prof. Homero Francesch at the Accademy of Lenk and the Conservatory of Zurich, Switzerland.

In January 1997 he debuted in Berlin, Germany, with a concert at the Sender Freies Berlin, playing a selection of Mozart, Liszt and Rachmaninoff pieces. From this concert German radio SFB has recorded a CD and a radio program:”Debut Junger Meister :  Antonio Acunto”.

In May-June of the same year Antonio Acunto was on tour in the Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany): ten solo concerts which have won praise from both the public and the critics.

Since September 1998 Antonio Acunto studies in London with the pianist Noretta Conci-Leech, Michelangeli’s disciple. 




Some of the most important Concert-Hall in which Maestro Acunto played were the:


Mozarteum: Salzburg,

Gesellschaft fuer Musiktheater: Wien,

Italian Culture Institute: Wien,

Konzerthaus: Berlin,

Sender Freies: Berlin,

Herbert von Karajan Saal: University of Music Berlin,

Beethoven- Haus: Bonn,

Plenarsaal des Bundestag Deutchland: Bonn,

Schloss Emkendorf: Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival,

Schloss Glucksburg: Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival,

Athenaeum (Gran Prix Maria Callas): Athen,

Chelsea Arts Club: London,

Istituto Italiano di Cultura: London,

Sala Bossi: Bologna,

Teatro Comunale: Bologna,

Teatro Cucinelli: Perugia,

Teatrino di Corte: Palazzo Reale di Napoli,

Maschio Angioino (Sala della Loggia): Napoli,

Villa Campolieto: Herculaneum,

Palazzo Cavagnis: Venezia. 


In January 2004,with a concert at the “Herbert von Karajan Saal” in Berlin, he played Chopin Four Scherzi. From this concert Berlin Music University has recorded a CD.

In 2007 he recieved the prize “Domenico Rea for Classic Music” and his Chopin’s album was selected in “Manifesto” top ten.

He plays concerts in many American Universities in Italy such as Harding University in Florence, Trinity College in Rome, California University in Bologna.

One of his concerts of June 2008 in Villa Campolieto in Ercolano (Italy) was broadcasted on Sky.

He played in Recital with writer Arnold Stadler, flautist Brigitte Molt and photographer Timm Rautert at Landesmuseum in Bonn.

In April 2009 he played in private form for German Prime Minister Angela Merkel.

In June 2010 he played in Germany in Aachen’s Dome a concert organized by Europeische Stiftung Aachener Dom, and in Austria at Klagenfurt (Konzerthaus), Graz (Florentiner Saal der Universitaet  fur Musik und Kunst).

In Spring 2011 he played a Schubert program in Florence, Wuppertal, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Memmingen where he got great consents by the public and the critics.

The 17 October 2011 in Bundestag of Bonn he played Schubert’s Wanderer in a Recital with Literature Nobel Prize Herta Muller, organized by Adenauer Stiftung.

In 2012 he played in Italy (Torino, Florence, Rome, Venice) and in Germany (Duesseldorf, Wuppertal, Bad Honnef).

In 2013 he played in Italy in Teatro Cucinelli of Villa Solomeo and in Florence, while in Germany in Memmingen, Cologne, Oberwinter and Bonn. He also recorded Chopin Ballades and Debussy First Book of Preludes and this album has obtained critical acclaim in Germany.

In 2014, on Easter Sunday in Ischia, he played, once again, in private form, for friend and German Prime Minister Angela Merkel and her husband.

In June 2014 he debutes in Vienna in the Italian Culture Institut and in the Gesellschaft für Musiktheater, obtaining critical and public acclaim.

Other concerts in Europe are expected for 2014: Konstance, Bonn, Koln,Wien, Salzburg,Firenze,Perugia.etc.

For 2015 he obtained a scholarship from Brahms Gesellshaft of Baden Baden and he will be playing Chopin’s Concert Op. 11 in Bonn.

In 2016 a documentary on Italian pianist’s life will be broadcasting by Rede Globo Brasil and by ARD Germany.



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